Orphaids UK is a Christian charity ( Registered Charity number 1081104 ) working with AIDS orphans in Ecuador and Colombia.

We fund and support a project near Santo Domingo de los Colorados in Ecuador that supports orphans of AIDS, undertakes health education and supports people with HIV in the community. This has been so successful that the staff are using their experience to support a new project in Colombia.

The Ecuador project is a purpose-built complex which provides a home and a caring family for up to 54 orphaned children.

Working with local government, OrphAids Ecuador takes in children who have been deemed highest at risk.  At risk from HIV/AIDS, or from abuse and neglect, OrphAids provides for their emotional, spiritual, medical and educational needs.

The overall aim of Orphaids is to care for the orphans of AIDS victims in Ecuador and Colombia.  However, Orphaids also works to aid the parents of these orphans throughout their illness, giving them a better quality of life, healthcare and death.

Orphaids also educates various groups about HIV/AIDS and prevention and aims to dispel the myths around how HIV is contracted and to advise on safe sex practices.

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