Ecuadorean personnel trained by Orphaids have been in Colombia, along with Luz Celly the Director of Orphaids Ecuador, training the Colombia team in education & prevention and care of HIV+ clients.

It is great to see this work going forward in the south-east city of Palmira, headed up by three ladies. Orphaids has joined forces with an existing Christian charitable organisation called FUNHO which has been supporting vulnerable children for some years. This organisation is already registered as a charity with the Colombian government. The leader of the work in Colombia is Martha Lucía whom we have known for some years.

Our involvement has been prayed about, discussed and planned for some time following the vision of one of the UK Trustees. This vision coincided with an approach from Luz Celly who is herself Colombian.

Extra projects do mean extra finance – please pray that we will receive specific funds so we can grow and support this work.

Orphaids Ecuador has indicated a desire to share skills by training and supporting staff at the Colombia project.

It is wonderful to think that the project in Ecuador has created experts or HIV/AIDS champions who can now go on to help other organisations or projects in South America. What better way to have a long-term and growing impact on HIV/AIDS. God doesn’t work in temporary measures. He doesn’t dip in and out – his plans are for longevity.