How you can help

Area Networkers

A voluntary networker in any given locality will do 3 things:

  1. Be the key contact for Orphaids communications.
  2. Establish home prayer groups to meet monthly.
  3. Encourage regional and local events to raise the profile or funds of Orphaids.

If you would like to help in this way, just get a recommendation from your local church and write to us about becoming a networker.

Giving & Fundraising

First of all we want to thank God and His people for the wonderful financial support already received.  In over 3 years of intensive building work, we did not have to lay off any workers for even one day.

For the immediate future, Orphaids Ecuador will continue to depend on UK support for the daily running of the orphanage.  Although our missionary personnel will not be paid by Orphaids, the Ecuadorian staff will be paid wages and, of course, the orphans will be fully supported.

You can help by making a regular donation to Orphaids using our Standing Order Form and, if possible, sign a Gift Aid Form so that we can recover the tax – please find details of Tax Free Giving in our fact sheet.

You can also make a donation via our  JustGiving account. This cuts down on our admin costs as they reclaim any Gift Aid on our behalf. You could make a one-off donation or setup a regular monthly donation for as little or as much as you like. We’d be just as grateful for a regular £2 per month as we would for £20. Orphaids can be found on justgiving at

Alternatively, you could create sponsored events or take part in events such as the Flora London Marathon or local activities and provide valuable help towards the wages and maintenance bills. You can create a fundraising page at JustGiving too.

Do you shop online?Do it through and you can raise a free donation for OrphAids every time you shop. More information at

If you are intending to organise your own sponsored event, it is important that we know about it in advance.  For liability reasons, your event can be run in aid of Orphaids but not in the name of Orphaids.

Please feel free to download a Sponsor Form if you intend to take part in an event.

Child Support

Our partnership with you will be somewhat different to usual one supporter/one child scheme, which you have probably seen in place with various organisations.

Our ethos with the scheme is ‘why ask you to pay per month to support one child, when you can give this same amount of money and actually help many more’.

The cost of keeping a child at the project in  Ecuador   is $210 per month (approx £115) – this might seem like a lot, but it includes:

  • Housing, including all maintenance costs through the year;
  • Wages for supporting staff on site, who are there for the benefit and protection of all the children;
  • All food & clothing;
  • Education & books & school uniform;
  • House parents costs – one of the parents receives a wage, in order to allow them to stay at home and look after all the children in the family;
  • General medical treatment

In order to join the scheme, we ask you to complete an Application Form, a Standing Order (minimum monthly donation is £18.00, but you can give more if you wish) and if you are a UK Tax Payer, we ask that you also complete a Gift Aid Form – enabling us to make the most of your financial commitment.

In return for your commitment to supporting the scheme you will receive:

  • Regular newsletters from Orphaids  UK
  • If you have an email address, we will add you to our database to receive the more regular ‘news flashes’

Each quarter you will receive a profile and up-date on one of the children at the project – each time you will receive a different story, this way you will build up a file of all the children  – it will take some time to receive a profile for each of the children and therefore you will be able to see the full scope & impact of your giving, keep in touch with where your money is going and to see the personal side of your donation.

Orphaids  UK   has very low running costs and we are fortunate to say that most of our administrative costs are actually covered by specific donation – leaving us able to ensure that all the money donated to projects does reach its intended destination.

Insurance Scheme – ‘thinking outside the donation box’

Would you like to be able to give more money to Orphaids without it costing you extra?

Think of the various insurance policies you take out during the course of a year – car insurance, home buildings and contents, travel insurance and even business insurance.

Contact Chris Knott Insurance for a comparative quote when your renewal falls due and  they will pay a percentage of their commission to Orphaids for every policy sold.

If the price and level of cover is the same as or better than that already enjoyed by you with your current provider, you can switch to Chris Knott Insurance for good reason.

They use the same well-known providers you are probably insured with already (Norwich Union, Zurich, HSBC Insurance, Fortis, AXA, etc) and have access to the same or better rates.

Call them for a quote free on  0800 917 2274  or, for more details about their products, visit the website at  Remember to quote reference ‘648’ or ‘Orphaids’.

The donation to Orphaids will not cost you extra and is not added to your premium.  It really is a profit share.


Though the need for financial support is great, we know that we are working in vain if we do not rely on God.  In John 15:5 Jesus says ‘apart from me you can do nothing’.  We want God to be at the centre of our work and we continuously ask him for guidance.

The best way for you to support Orphaids is through regular prayer – prayer that is powerful and effective.

However, in our busy lives it can sometimes be hard to know what to pray for, where to begin – so we have created a seven day prayer diary for you to use as a template if you wish.

Monday   The Orphans In Our Care.  Pray for security in their new families, that their lives can become filled with love.  Pray for healing for those who are saddened by the loss of their parents.  Pray for those who are HIV+.  Pray for the childrens’ education, that they will do well at school and better themselves.

Tuesday   The Houseparents.  Pray that they will be strong for the children in their care.  Pray that they offer stability and love.  Pray that they will be constant and consistent.  Pray for their relationship with each other.  Pray that they have time to rejuvenate, to aid them physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Wednesday   The Community Work.  Pray that the work will be effective, that we will start to see people responding well to the anti-retroviral drugs.  Pray that Orphaids makes a difference in the lives and deaths of those it seeks to assist.  Pray for protection of the work into the future, that it will not be restricted due to financial constraints.  Pray that funding will continue to be provided.  Pray for the safety of the team as they travel around the area.

Thursday   Jovenes Contra SIDA (Youth Against AIDS).  Pray that this generation will succeed in educating its peers, that they can stem the ignorance of AIDS and HIV.  Pray for expansion of the area in which JCS operates, that AIDS education will spread to all regions of Ecuador.  Pray that the project will receive the necessary support both in terms of finance and personnel.  Pray that young people become the Ambassadors of safer sex practices.

Friday The Ecuador Directorate.  Pray for unity and strength, that the Devil will not be given a foothold.  Pray for wisdom and knowledge for those appointed.  Pray for integrity and a focus on the will of God.  Pray that they will develop Orphaids Ecuador to gradually become more self-supporting, that they will be able to carry the Orphaids project independent from the UK.

Saturday   The UK Trustees.  Pray for unity and strength, that the Devil will not be given a foothold.  Pray for wisdom and knowledge for those appointed.  Pray for integrity and a focus on the will of God.  Pray that they will manage the affairs of Orphaids well, that they will not lose sight of the vision.  Pray that awareness of Orphaids in the AIDS arena increases and that our publicity bears fruit.

Sunday   Finance.  Pray that both Orphaids Ecuador and Orphaids UK manage the funds wisely and that fundraising will continue to cover the needs associated with the work.  Thank God that he has always provided in-line with the plans made.  Pray that the UK Government continues to allow Gift-Aiding.  Pray that some of our Grant Applications are answered favourably.  Pray that the work of Orphaids grows and, above all, that the name of Jesus Christ is glorified